If not now, when?

Vote HereLast year, Joyce and I joined the Indivisible movement because of our disgust with Trump and fear of the impact of Republican policies on our country. Our worst fears have come true. The EPA has been gutted. Children are being separated from their parents and put in cages. Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, SNAP, and other vital public programs are being systematically defunded. Public schools are under attack.

Around this time last year, it became obvious that the next step was to get involved in our county Democratic party. Our goal is to create a Blanco County party that takes action. Everyone who has contributed should take pride in the fact that we are doing exactly that. Due to your work, Blanco County is changing for the better.

The anger and disgust we all feel about the Republican administration is legitimate and continues to be a motivation. However, the need today is to focus on our Democratic candidates and the positive message they are delivering about our shared desire to build a better nation—one that is fair, inclusive, and prosperous. This will be the reward for our thousands of hours of hard work.

Let’s rise and embrace the challenge we face. We know that Democratic turnout is low in mid-term elections. We know that the best way to motivate Democrats and progressives to vote is one-on-one contact. Up until 6 months ago, Joyce and I had not participated in block walking or phone banking. But 18 months ago, we likewise had not participated in a protest or sent a letter to a member of Congress. Indivisible’s collective courage drove us then, and your courage drives us now.

Kim Olson, our candidate for Texas Commissioner of Agriculture has said it better than I ever could: “Believe in something. Even if it means being the only Democrat in the neighborhood.” I repeat that to myself every morning when I wake and every night before I sleep.

The time is now. What more can you do? What will you do?


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